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Free Balochistan Movement to stage week long sit-in protest at Chinese Embassy London

Sunday, 25th September, 2016

LONDON: Free Balochistan Movement has announced a week-long sit-in protest in front of Chinese Embassy in London starting from Sunday 25th September 2016.

The press release said that it is a campaign against China-Pakistan nexus in Balochistan to loot the natural resources of Baloch nation. For several decade China has been continuously looting the natural resources of occupied Balochistan with the help of Pakistan.  “The Saindak Gold and Copper Project is the biggest example of loot and plunder that China started in 1995 in Chagai district of Balochistan.  Currently, China has intensified its efforts to consolidate its permanent grip over Balochistan’s Gwadar coast and other areas where in 2001 it sought to anchor its military outpost in the name of Gwadar deep-sea port project,” the statement said.

Pakistan knows well that it cannot hold up Balochistan under its occupation any longer. That is why it has sought China’s help in order to contain Baloch freedom movement. China has deployed the personnel of People Liberation Army for the security of Chinese workers who are working with Pakistani authorities in Gwadar district and other strategic military projects.

Free Balochistan movement’s statement further said that “China has now become the 21st century East India Company in Balochistan. Their expansionist designs are well known in the region. Its neighbouring country Vietnam is the prime example of Chinese diabolical nature which endured 17 Chinese military invasions. Today we can see that it doesn’t respect the international laws over the South China Sea.”

The statement further said Pakistan is in conflict with Balochistan because this morally bankrupted state, dominated by Punjab, has occupied Balochistan in March 1948 in blatant violation of international norms and law just in the name of Islam. Now, the Punjabi aggressor has subcontracted Balochistan’s security to China on a lease. Besides this, China is rendering all type of financial and technical support to Pakistan in its evil design to change the demographic of Balochistan and to turn the Baloch into a minority on their own soil. China has now become a part of the dispute between Baloch and Pakistan.

The statement emphasised that Baloch do not respect, and regard arbitrary agreements as illegal which were agreed between Punjabi military-civil establishment of Pakistan and with other sovereign states which involve Balochistan.  “Baloch never accept any agreement that takes place between Pakistan and other countries regarding Balochistan”

China claims it has struggled against neo-colonial rule and imperialism and liberated its country, but the facts are speaking otherwise. Yesterday it was claiming that it has suffered oppression in the hand of colonial powers, but today it has taken up the role of imperialism and started suppressing the oppressed nations of the world thereby establishing its hegemony over them. Today China hands in glove with Pakistan to consolidate the oppressive and exploitative rule of Punjab over Baloch nation.

Therefore, in order to expose the negative policies of China in Balochistan, Free Balochistan Movement has decided to start a week-long protest in London to expose China’s expansionists designs in Balochistan.

This peaceful campaign begins on 25 September and ends on 1st October 2016, during this protest two members of the FBM will sit in front of Chinese Embassy every day and night for six days and on 7th Day [1st October) which is China’s National Day, there will be a protest outside the Chinese Embassy from 2 pm to 5 pm.

Free Balochistan Movement has invited all pro-freedom Baloch and other Human Rights activists in the United Kingdom and Europe to take part in this protest campaign.

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