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Free Balochistan Movement to protest against Pakistani nukes, China-Pak nexus

Sunday, 28th May, 2017

Business Standard: The Free Movement (FBM) has announced to organise simultaneous protests in many cities of the on May 28 to protest against Pakistan’s nuclear weapons and China-nexus in

The FBM, a pro-freedom party headed by Hyrbyair Marri, said in a statement to the media that tested its dirty nuke in Balochistan’s Chaghai hills on May 28, 1998 contaminating the Baloch land forever. The people of the region continue to suffer from different diseases as a result of the tests.

Since the blast in 1998, international experts have not been allowed to visit the region to examine the effects of the radioactivity in the area.

According to the FBM statement, “Not only Pakistan’s nuclear weapons pose a threat to Baloch, Pashtun, and Sindhis, but also breach the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty by passing nuclear information to North Korea and

“Pakistani scientist Dr. Qadir Khan has publicly admitted passing nuclear secret information to other states.”

The FBM said and North Korea today pose a threat and headache to the because of the information that provided to them.

“The is after North Korea and Iran, but the leader of terrorists sponsoring state has full immunity,” the FBM added.

The FBM said that Pakistan’s nuclear weapons could, at any time, fall in the hands of religious extremists and proxies of the Army as the country was an irresponsible state and also, they could do anything for money.

“Nuclear weapons in hands of irresponsible states like and North Korea are a threat the entire

The FBM said the protests also aimed to highlight the deliberate influx of Chinese and Punjabis in Gwadar and other areas to change the demography of

On May 28, 2017, the FBM activists and supporters will be organising protests in London, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Canada, USA, and other countries, where the FBM has activists and supporters.

The FBM has requested all freedom loving people, human rights activists, and anti-nuclear weapons groups to join its protests around the to raise voice against Pakistan’s nuclear weapons and China-nexus in

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